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In the Ottawa Gatineau area there are a number of medical professionals who treat people with dystonia by injecting them with Botox or by prescribing other medication that alleviates the condition. There is also some help provided by physiotherapists, massage therapist, and other treatments of this nature.

See below for list of medical professionals.

Healthcare Professional (Botox Injectors) (Medical Support)

Dr. David Grimes (Medical Advisor)
Tel: 860-0885, 761-5425, 761-4619
Movement Disorder Clinic Ottawa Civic Hospital
Add: 1053 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 4E9

Dr. Tilak Mendis (Botox injections)
Tel: 562-4235 Fax: 562-4259
Add: 1929 Russell Road, Suite 226, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 4G3

Dr.David Jordan (Botox injections -- eyes)
Tel: 563-3800
Add: 340 McLeod St. Suite 104, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1A4

Dr. Francois Jacques (Gatineau -- Botox injections)
Tel: 777-7416
Add: 116 Lionel Emond, Gatineau, Quebec J8Y 1W7

Dr. K. J. Stolee
Tel: 267-6777
Add: Perth and Smith Falls District Hospital, 33 Drummond St., Perth, Ontario K7H 2K1

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Non-Medical Support

Mr. Avi Nativ, Tel: 523-9905 Add: Neurogym

Ms. Lina Woods, Tel: 592-5267 Add: 18 Lismer Cr., Kanata, Ontario K2K 1A2


Mental Health Provider

Social Worker

Isobele Solale, 233-4041

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Additional Information on Dystonia

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This website is intended to provide information only - not to advocate any particular treatment options. We suggest patients consult health professionals themselves and make informed choices about their own treatment.

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