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Dystonia History

The DMRF originated in Vancouver in 1976. It later moved to Chicago where it is presently situated. The Canadian HQ for DMRF is located in Toronto. The Ottawa Support Group is an affiliate of the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation, Canada.

Dystonia Medical Research Foundation prides itself on its long history of supporting dystonia research. Always the primary goal of the Foundation, research has led to a better understanding of dystonia as well as to breakthroughs in genetics and therapeutics.

The funding which researchers obtain from the Dystonia Foundation usually serves as "seed money" before generating even greater funding from the US National Institutes of Health. DMRF funds research projects in U.S. and Canada.

Beyond the funding of research, the scientific program of the Foundation is multi-faceted, encompassing workshops, residency elective programs, awards, study groups, and international medical symposiums, all to further the understanding of dystonia.

The Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of up to 25 pre-eminent researchers and clinicians from various scientific disciplines. The members are responsible not only for grant review, but also for setting the direction of the research to find more effective treatments and ultimately a cure. Each member serves a four-year term with Scientific Director serving approximately eight to ten years.

For 2003, all Dystonia Medical Research Foundation research projects are funded in part by the Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia & Parkinson Foundation, Inc. We gratefully acknowledge their support.

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